Watchman Warns They’re Going to Kill Us (Biden Admin) in Some Way. What Kind of Dystopian Universe Has Nutrition “Science” Created, in Which a University, a Peer-Reviewed Publication, and One of the Field’s Most Powerful But Ungodly Leaders Legitimize Advise Instructing the Public to Eat More Lucky Charms and Fewer Eggs? Simply Looking at These Guidelines Should Be Enough to Tell You That This Is a Diabetes-Causing Diet—a High-Carb, Sugar-Laden, Candy-Coated Road to Illness and Sure Death

SRH: More Ungodly BS from Bill Gates and the Rockefeller Foundation: Diet-induced Death… HNewsWire: So far, four people have died because of this over zealous, unfair, cruel, and pointless witch hunt of mostly innocent people who did small crimes. Disgrace and shame. They (Satan Soldiers DC are guilty of murder. Whoever controls the Democrats will finally kill a lot of people if they get enough power, because that’s what communists always do. They will kill anyone who doesn’t agree with their ideology. This includes the Democrats, who at the time meant well but didn’t know they were being used as “useful idiots” to set up a dictatorship. History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme, and it is doing that right now. The only way to fix the country is for people to turn back to God, but most people,…


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