Congress Can Delay the Date for the General Election for the Presidency

as the Constitution Gives Congress the Authority to Set the General Election Date, This Will Be the Beginning of Our Constitutional Crisis, the Progressives Started This Mess With Mail-In Voting Looking for a Way to Unseat Pres. Trump in the November Election. Everyone Knows Fraud Would Run Rampant, Trump Should to Delay the Election in November–This Country Is Headed for Civil War , Blood Will Start Flow Very Soon… With reactions to Trump’s tweet about possibly moving the election going about as one might expect – which the Trump campaign defended as ‘just raising the question’ – Federal Election Commissioner Ellen Weintraub said on Thursday that the executive branch does not have the power to move the November election, nor should it be moved. Trump’s tweet ignited a firestorm from the left: Both CNN‘s Manu Raju and Business Insider went with the very editorialized…


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