Watchman: The Silencing of the Lambs the United Nations Calls for ‘Global Guidelines’ to Combat ‘Disinformation’ on Social Media

HNewsWire: Last month, over 4,300 individuals attended a meeting hosted by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to demand for worldwide rules for regulating social media platforms. The three-day Internet for Trust Conference attempted to build the regulatory legislation that will serve as the framework for its public draft, which will be presented in September. “The blurring of true and false boundaries, the highly coordinated denial of scientific facts, the amplification of disinformation and conspiracies—these did not emerge from social media. Yet, in the absence of control, they thrive much better than the truth “Audrey Azoulay, Director-General of UNESCO, stated during her introductory statement. She asked governments to work together to ensure that information remains a global common good, noting that “only by fully measuring this technological transformation can we assure it does not sacrifice human rights,……...

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The Watchman Makes Clear: In a World Filled With Lies and Disinformation From Sources Such as TWITTER, Fakebook, the Truth About Social Media Misinformation Platforms, and So On, as Well as Fake News (CNN, ABC, NBC, MSLSD, Fox, and So On), This Truth About Who the True Belongs…Christ Follower! Not the Ungodly,Musk, Zuckerburg,Etc

HNewsWire: This Article Intends to Present the Characteristics Commonly Displayed in the Lifestyles of Ungodly Individuals, Which Are in Opposition to Biblical Teachings. Individuals Who Exhibit Malevolent and Depraved Behavior( Musk, Zuckerburg) Possess Distinct Traits That Distinguish Them From Genuinely Regenerated Individuals Who Lead Lives of Goodness. Upon Concluding This Article, You Will Have Acquired Knowledge of the Characteristics of Individuals Who Are Considered Ungodly. This Information Will Aid You in Recognizing These Traits and Subsequently Distancing Yourself From Such Individuals in Order to Prevent Their Negative Influence From Affecting You. Let Us Get Underway. Mark Lies: He is undoubtedly one of the most evil people on the planet and the son of the devil, so yes, he is a very bad person. He is a thief who plagiarizes the ideas of his Harvard University friends for Facebook. He was…


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