There Is Someone the Republicans Can Put the Finger of Blame at for Their Unsatisfactory Performance: Trump, Donald

HNewsWire: The much-touted “red wave” turned out to be a fraud and was more accurately described as a red ripple. In spite of the fact that the votes are still being tallied, we do know one thing for certain, and that is that the performance of Republicans was poor in every state and time zone. This morning, Donald Trump and his party are surrounded by the pungent odor of having failed. In spite of the fact that the shadow of Donald Trump haunted the voting booth like a malevolent ghost, democracy and abortion turned out to be more durable topics than anybody anticipated. Crime and inflation continued to be important factors, although they were not decisive. The Democratic Party won over the ladies of the suburbs. Trump is more likely to terrify than to attract people. He is an off-putting individual…


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