Scripture Is Clear – Marketing Techniques, Light Shows, Great Music, and Phenomenal Entertainment May Pack Seats, but It Does Not Make a Believer in the Lord Jesus Christ

Here are some strengths of the regulative principle: It seeks to honor God and His Word. It keeps the focus on God-centered worship rather than man-pleasing activity. It effectively eliminates worldliness or elements with pagan roots that have been given a Christian flair. It consults the Bible, rather than popular opinion, for the final word on church questions. One weakness of the regulative principle is that it can easily become legalistic in its strict rejection of anything not found in the Bible. It can also place worship in a category saved only for corporate settings, rather than encourage it as a daily practice. It also does not account for many aspects of a worship service not dealt with in the Bible, such as length of services, instrument use, how much technology should be employed, and dozens of other cultural questions…


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