Watchman: The World Series Championship Texas Rangers Will Not Participate in MLB Sodomite Night

HNewsWire: By Todd Starnes Only one team in Major League Baseball has refused to bow down to the Alphabet Activists. Only one team has refused to ever hold a Pride Night celebration. And tonight, that team won the World Series. The Texas Rangers defeated the Arizona Diamondbacks 5-0 in Game 5 to become World Series champions for the first time in the 63-year history of the franchise. Earlier this year the Rangers defended its policy of not pandering to the radical LGBT activists. “Our commitment is to make everyone feel welcome and included in Rangers baseball. That means in our ballpark, at every game, and in all we do — for both our fans and our employees,” the team said in a statement to Associated Press. “We deliver on that promise across our many programs to have a positive impact…

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Watchman: Of Course the Church Has an Outreach Ministry That Promotes the LGTBQIA+E for Evil Lifestyle. More Godless Churches Are Beginning to Use Artificial Intelligence to Help Prepare and Write Sermons Because Their Weekly Messages Are Biblically Bankrupt, With the Most Recent Example Coming From an Austin, Texas Fake Dark Worldly Satan Driven Violet Crown City Church

HNewsWire: What is a fake Christian.? I Think the Answer Depends Upon How You Define “Christian,” the Bible says that a Christian is one who has faith in the person and work of Christ as his/her only means of salvation; that is that they’ve been put to death and raised into new life with Christ. A Christian is one (like Abraham) who trusts Christ alone as their only means of righteousness. This Ungodly Pastor: “We find that dogma and doctrine don’t inspire people, and no one is like, ‘man, I get so fired up about that Christian dogma, I want to follow Jesus,’ said no one, ever,” the pastor said. More churches are beginning to utilize artificial intelligence to help produce and write their weekly messages, the latest coming from a church in Austin, Texas. Violet Crown City Church last…

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Watchman, the Path to Hell: “It Is Not an Error That Hate Speech Laws Are Imprecise. These Laws Are Intentionally Vague So That People in Power Can Use Them Whenever They Want. Shall Increase Their Continuous Ungodly Efforts To… Promote UN-Biblical Rights of LGBTQE+E, E for Evil People and Dispute So- called Discrimination. As Believers We Have a God Given Right to Discriminate

HNewsWire: Here are the latest lies from sick homosexual men. Pretending that homosexuals are God’s creation… In a new book and documentary, two researchers claim the original bible never condemned homosexuality. The words “homosexual” and “heterosexual” were first coined as German nouns by Austrian-born Hungarian psychologist, Karoly Maria Benkert, in the late 19th century, who wrote under pseudonym K.M. Kertbeny. Ed Oxford is a scholar and researcher. A gay Christian, as well as a graduate of the Talbot School of Theology, his specialty is the history of the Bible, focusing on Bible translations, with a focus on the Greek and Hebrew translations, especially those that relate to human sexuality. Kathy Baldock is an LGBTQE+E for EVIL advocate and executive director of Canyon Walker Connections, an organization dedicated to repairing “the division that exists between social and Christian conservatives and the…

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Watchman’s Update: The Sin Virus Trans People—LGBTQ+E For EVIL,You Are On Notice, Anti-Christ Subhuman Individuals Who Have Mocked God’s Design, Destroyed the Fiber of God’s Blueprint for Man and Woman. Death Will Consume Your Miserable Evil Ungodly Lives in the Days Ahead

Country Music Celebrates Drag Queens   HNewsWire: By welcoming a group of drag queens into the fold of country music, a stunning rebuke was delivered to the genre’s fan base. Country music corrupted by the devil… After paying tribute to the victims of the school shooting in Nashville, country singer Kelsea Ballerini danced alongside drag queens during the opening ceremony of the CMT Music Awards. The Covenant School, which is a Christian institution, was where the victims received their education. They were killed by a transgender shooter, a woman who mistakenly believed she was a man and used her gun to kill them. This particular aspect was omitted from the CMT program. According to CMT’s report, “The queens stayed behind her as she played her pink guitar, but later in the performance, the fierce foursome helped take off Ballerini’s green……...

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