The Fake Rhino Newsmax, the Cable News Outlet, Has Severed Ties With Lara Logan. Logan, an Award-Winning Former War Correspondent, Was Interviewed Wednesday by Newsmax Host Eric Bolling, Who Anchors a Show Called of All Things “The Balance.” It’s a Joke!

HNewsWire: Lara Logan’s affiliation with the Fake News Group Newsmax television news station has been ended. Logan, an award-winning former war correspondent, was interviewed by Newsmax host Eric Bolling, who hosts a show called “The Balance,” on Wednesday. Bolling invited Logan to his program to talk about global elites and their preference for socialist policies. He then inquired about the situation near the southern border, where undocumented migrants had flocked in large numbers. “God believes in sovereignty, national identity, family sanctity, and all the things that we’ve lived with since the beginning of time,” Logan said. The news website Mediaite transcribed her comments. “And he understands that the open border is Satan’s method of gaining control of the globe through all of these individuals who are his stooges and servants.” Logan said, “And they may believe they are going to become…


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