While the FDIC Provides Deposit Insurance up to $250,000, Representing Less Than 10 Percent of Svb’s Deposits, the Vast Majority of Svb’s $173 Billion in Deposits Are Uninsured. According to the FDIC, It’s All Smoke and Mirrors, You Lose!

HNewsWire: SVB’s demise came suddenly (pdf). On Wednesday, the bank announced a loss of $1.8 billion from selling “available for sale” investment securities. Its holding company announced it would raise $2.25 billion to shore up the bank’s capital. Rather than comforting investors and depositors, this surprising announcement spooked them, “causing a run on the bank.” Within a few hours, depositors withdrew some $42 billion in cash, approximately 25 percent of total deposits, leaving the bank with a negative cash balance approaching $1 billion by the end of Thursday. Unable to shore up this shortfall overnight, the initially illiquid and then insolvent bank failed. California’s Commissioner of Financial Protection and Innovation took over the bank and appointed the FDIC as a receiver. Watchman: It started with all of the lockdowns. And what a coincidence that the president of SVB disposed off over 12,000……...

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Watchman Reporting the Banking Industry’s Collapse Has Begun With Useless FDIC–Insured Big Tech Silvergate Bank Announced on Wednesday That It Was Liquidating Its Assets and Closing Down. Today, the Four Largest American Banks Lost $52 Billion in Valuation as the Dow Fell 540 Points–Tribulation Moving Forward–God Warned Us!

HNewsWire: Economic Collapse Is ‘By Design’ and Orchestrated HNewsWire: America’s economic crisis is deepening “is “by design,” “everything was planned,” With two quarters of negative growth, we’ve already entered a technical recession. Democrats are fomenting an economic calamity as a pretext for consolidating even more power and control in the hands of the government and its affiliated corporations. “They’re just buying time because they know things are going to get much worse; it’s all planned because they need that moment of catastrophic economic collapse to drive through their socialist scheme.” Political observers are warned not to dismiss political elites as oblivious to the consequences of their own abuses of power. “I’m fed up with people giving them the benefit of the doubt. They said it was only temporary because they didn’t know what else to do. They were, of course,…

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