Fast-Forwarding Tribulation: The Great Evil Reset Is Now Focusing On Attacking Farmers, Crops, Food Distribution, and Food Security

HNewsWire: Why is the Dutch government forcing thousands of farmers to close their farms before the end of the year? This is the most recent example of globalists exploiting environmental concerns as an excuse to trample on people’s rights. The Communist Great Reset has branded these farmers as “peak pollutants.” America, take notice. If anything is occurring there, it will very certainly occur here as well. Bill Gates, leading voice of the Great Reset and Satan Soldier, is buying up acreage throughout the United States. China, the world’s leading communist power, owns roughly 200,000 acres of farmland in the United States. Is it to produce meat and dairy products from cattle? According to MIT Technology Review, Evil Gates claimed in 2021, “I do believe all affluent nations should transition to 100% synthetic beef.” “The claimed improvement in flavor over time means…


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