Muslim Community Outraged Over Movie Premiere. Claiming It “Negatively Represents” Islamic Holy Leaders.

Following concerns from some members of the Muslim community, a British theater chain has halted the worldwide screening of a film based on an Arabian holy legend. Following an uproar from local Muslims, Bolton Cineworld was the first to announce that it would no longer be taking bookings for “The Lady of Heaven.” On Saturday, a group of Muslim men gathered outside the theater to protest the film’s screening, claiming that it “negatively represents” Islamic holy leaders. Outside Vue cinemas in Croydon and Birmingham, smaller protests have also been captured on film. However, free-speech defenders have criticized the cinema’s concession as a surrender to “mob rule.” The $15 million film, scripted by Muslim Sheikh Yasser al-Habib, tells the story of Lady Fatima, Prophet Muhammad’s daughter, and her “heart-wrenching journey.” According to the film’s website, “an Iraqi boy, separated by 1400…


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