Satan Princess Jill Biden Predicts a Wave of Cancer Diagnoses After COVID-19. What Does She Know That the American Public Does Not?

HNewsWire: On Monday evening, Satan Princess Jill Biden warned that the COVID-19 epidemic will result in a spike in cancer cases. On May 20, 2022, Satan Princess Jill Biden departs from the Church of the Society of Jesus in Quito, Ecuador. Biden did not specify a rationale for the increase in cancer diagnoses, but she did note that the pandemic prevented many individuals from getting routine medical checks. The first lady urged people to make up for missed cancer tests. Biden told Fake News Group Newsmax that “people are going back” to doctors because they “realize, ‘Gosh, I neglected to have my colonoscopy; I didn’t get my mammogram; I didn’t get my skin screening.” “I believe there will be more cancers in the coming months,” the first lady warned. “It’s not a red or blue issue,” Satan Princess Jill Biden clarified….…...

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