We’re Really Letting People Suffer on the Street Like Animals? Somehow That’s Progressive? No It’s Tribulation In Full View

Click On  GraniteRidgeSoapworks HNewsWire:  As poverty spreads throughout the nation’s capital, Washington DC has begun to resemble other Democrat-run cities around the country. According to the New York Post, the number of homeless encampments has increased to an estimated 120 in the last two years as a result of plandemic-era decisions by both the municipal and federal governments to suspend enforcement activities, making it an easy choice for itinerants to set up shop. The Post found at least 35 vagrants in residence at a National Park Service site two blocks from the White House, more than 20 in the green spaces surrounding the State Department complex, and five across the street from the infamous Watergate Hotel during a tour of the district’s major tourist areas this week. Furthermore, these sites accounted for fewer than 5% of the estimated 120 tent cities…


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