Members Of Canadian Government & Liberal Media Lied About Finding Firearms Amid The Dispersal Of Freedom Convoy Protests In Ottawa.

When police dispersed the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa in February, a Conservative MP accused a media outlet and a Liberal cabinet minister of disseminating “misinformation” about loaded firearms found among protestors. At a meeting of the House of Commons Standing Committee on Public Safety on March 24, Conservative MP Dane Lloyd made the assertion while questioning interim Ottawa Police Service (OPS) head Steve Bell. Lloyd made his remarks in response to a story that appeared in the Toronto Star on March 19. “Fears that there were weapons inside some of the trucks proved prescient,” according to the newspaper, “a police source stated loaded shotguns were found.” Lloyd urged Bell to clarify whether the claims were accurate on several occasions. “Did you find any loaded firearms, yes or no?” Lloyd remarked. “In connection to—no, not relating to any charges at this…


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