Update 3/21/24:CBDCs Is a Major Red Flag, Compulsory Use of a CBDC, Like a Digital Dollar for Example, Would Give Central Planners Complete Oversight and Control Over Your Finances, Tribulation Coming

Update 3/21/24: They Lied to Us Once Lied Again, The U.S. Federal Reserve and President Joe Biden’s administration have emphasized the importance of developing digital currency. Despite previous statements, the Fed recently informed Congress that the creation of a digital dollar is one of its main responsibilities. Republican Rep. Tom Emmer disclosed this information, underscoring the Biden administration’s commitment to advancing CBDC development. The congressman clarified that his office had received it while the Fed representatives were at Congress for a presentation. The document states that digital “payment systems” are considered one of the “primary responsibilities of the Fed.” Included in the “primary responsibilities” are the creation of the CBDC and FedNow – the Federal Reserve’s digital cash payment system. The mention of Automated Clearinghouse and FedNow among the “key duties” triggered the alarm. These payment systems are commonly seen…


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