Watchman Sees Satan Soldiers Using There Skin Color to Gain Control–Obama/Musk Ungodly Agenda Moves Into a Dark Reality

HNewsWire: This country and its people have difficulty accepting the notion that we have been racist from the very beginning. False; there is a large coalition between Obama and Musk; both were black in the United States, and white people felt obligated to accommodate them in anything they asked for, including the annihilation of our nation and the family. Once you realize what Mr. Musk’s true agenda is, you’ll realize that he’s employing every means to achieve it, similar to Obama’s devious plan. Hatred for the truth and wisdom found in God’s word is among the major characteristics of unbelievers that you will notice as well. People who don’t believe in what the bible says usually like and prefer believing the lies of the devil that appeals to their sinful flesh and detest God’s truth found in His word. Instead,……...

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