Watchman Warns: Militant Activists Force LGBT Ideology On Children and Some Parents Agree

Christians Are Prohibited From Adopting in Oregon HNewsWire: A federal lawsuit filed by Alliance Defending Freedom claims that Oregon discriminated against a Christian mother of five seeking to adopt a child on the basis of her faith. A year ago, Jessica Bates initiated the steps necessary to become certified to adopt a child from Oregon’s foster care system. The Oregon Department of Human Services, which is in charge of delivering and administering the state’s child welfare programs, denied Bates’ application because adoptive parents must “respect, accept, and support… the sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression” of any child placed in their homes. ADF Senior Counsel Jonathan Scruggs argued that Oregon’s policy amounts to an ideological litmus test, as it allows people who hold secular or ‘progressive’ views on sexual orientation and gender identity to participate in child welfare programs……...

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The Plan to Legalize Pedophilia. All Parents Should Revolt!

HNewsWire-Back in September we saw one of the first blatant efforts to legitimize pedophilia. Salon published a piece titled I’m a pedophile, but not a monster (Hummm, no). Pedophilia is a paraphilia that involves an abnormal interest in children. A paraphilia is a disorder that is characterized by recurrent intense sexual urges and sexually arousing fantasies generally involving: nonhuman objects; the suffering or humiliation of oneself or one’s partner (not merely simulated); or animals, children, or other nonconsenting persons. Pedophilia is also a psychosexual disorder in which the fantasy or actual act of engaging in sexual activity with prepubertal children is the preferred or exclusive means of achieving sexual excitement and gratification. It may be directed toward children of the same sex or children of the other sex. Some pedophiles are attracted to both boys and girls. Some are attracted only to children, while others…

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Parenting, “Gaggle” Will Monitor Your Child’s ‘ Speech and Social Media Posts, You’re Free to Be a Narcissists Now

I give you a frightening story about free speech censorship a watchlist, and parenting gone south… A recent article in The Tennessean reveals how the Williamson County School District (WCS) is monitoring student’s free speech and social media posts. The WCS recently implemented a “threat surveillance program” called Gaggle, which is so invasive and frightening one would be hard-pressed not to call it a “gag” program that limits student’s free speech. When the WCS was asked to reveal specific details about what Gaggle and authorities are monitoring student’s speech for, they claimed they could not reveal any details “due to federal family protection laws.” Public & private schools are joining the ranks of alphabet soup surveillance agencies like DHS, the FBI, and the NSA claiming they cannot reveal surveillance details. The Tennessean was able to shed some light on what Gaggle monitors by saying it, “operates using a mathematical algorithm to…

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