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Censorship won’t end where the left thinks it should. It won’t end with Robert Spencer or Geert Wilders. It’ll end when anyone who diss

Last October, the Southern Poverty Law Center called British author and activist Maajid Nawaz, 39, “part of the ‘ex-radical’ circuit of former Islamists who use that experience to savage Islam.” During a recent appearance on Bill Maher’s show, Nawaz announced he’d be suing the SPLC for defamation. Also on the SPLC’s list is Ayaan Hirsi Ali,…

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Republicans are to blame for FBI probe of Sangers wife, so says (I) Sen. Bernie Sanders, a Communist and an Ignoramus He’s not actually democrati

  Bernie Sanders is a Communist and an Ignoramus ### He’s not actually democratic or socialist, either… **(HNewsWire)** Sen. Bernie Sanders pointed the finger squarely at Republicans for kicking up a federal probe into allegations his wife fraudulently obtained a loan for the Vermont college she once led, saying Sunday the Republican National Committee is…

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HNewsWire blames violent rhetoric, “Terminate the Republican Party FakeBook Post.” “The Ugly Left”

The shooter, who has since died from gun battle with police, has been identified as James T. Hodgkinson. His Facebook page featured a photo of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders at the top, and was filled with left-wing political posts throughout. His entries were highly critical of President Trump and supported Sanders’ socialist political philosophy.…

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Washington’s open mockery of human rights and freedom of speech is finally challenged and stopped, TRUMP HATERS.

Recently behind-the-scenes rules and restrictions being used by Facebook have [fallen]( into the hands of Guardian reporters. According to their report, moderators employed by the tech giant are entitled to decide what exactly the 2 billion users of this social network can or cannot publish on their pages. This report has provoked a massive discussion on the absence…

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The End of Twitter, Hopeful ,There Bad News..

  The End of Twitter: In other words folks our elitist word Masters will control the narrative, I predict they’ll be relevant in a short period of time.. HNewsWire – – – – – – By Joshua Topolsky []( []() [![Twitter might rebound in the wake of Jack Dorsey’s reappointment as C.E.O., but the service…

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A Long Journey Home Book Cover

A Long Journey Home

A book about a fourteen-year-old boy, the son of a Baptist pastor, thrown from his home at age 14. This boy, StevieRay, would later become a multimillionaire. Now he gives orphans a second chance at life.