Sandy Hook Parent “Looks Forward” to Facing Satan Soldier Alex Jones

in Court… AUSTIN, Texas – Texas’ highest court has given the green light to four parents of Sandy Hook shooting victims to move forward with legal action against Alex Jones, InfoWars, and other associated conspiracy theorists.  InfoWars is an Austin-based group of conspiracy theorists led by Alex Jones. Friday, the Texas Supreme Court rejected Jones’ attempts to get the defamation lawsuits dropped.  For years, the group peddled claims on its massive online platform that the Sandy Hook Elementary mass shooting was a “hoax.”  “Claiming the parents were actors, that the tragedy never happened, questioned if children were killed and it just compounded from there,” explained Neil Heslin, whose 6-year-old son Jesse Lewis was murdered in his first-grade classroom.  Heslin says the case is personal for him. He says he was targeted by the InfoWars conspiracy theorists, who claimed he lied about holding his…


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