Mike Adams and Steve Quayle on the Hagmann Report Live Show

Weapons, Gene Transfer Technology and “Genetic Morphing” Effects, Survival Against the Globalists, the Rise of Demonic Influence in the Transgenderism Agenda, the Coming Attempted Civil War Ignition in Virginia and Much More. (Two Full Hours of Nearly Uninterrupted Bombshells…) For whatever reason, the stars aligned today as I joined Steve Quayle and Doug Hagmann on the “Hagmann Tonight” show to discuss a whirlwind of hard-core topics: 5G beam weapons, bioengineered vaccine depopulation weapons, gene transfer technology and “genetic morphing” effects, survival against the globalists, the rise of demonic influence in the transgenderism agenda, the coming attempted civil war ignition in Virginia and much more. (Two full hours of nearly uninterrupted bombshells…) Watch the full video interview at this link. (Note that the voice sync delay in this video is not anything due to my studio or audio gear. It seems…


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