Did Trump Actually Eliminate Federal Funding for Planned Parenthood with New Title X Rule?

Another Broken Promise… While President Donald Trump was praised by many pro-life advocates after his Protect Life Rule in Title X earlier this year.  However, did it completely defund Planned Parenthood concerning government funds?  No, it did not.  In fact, while it did in an overt fashion cause Planned Parenthood to back out of receiving around $60 million due to their referrals for abortions, the reality is that they continue to receive hundreds of millions, none of which can be traced to what Planned Parenthood actually funds. The Sons of Liberty founder Bradlee Dean wrote about Trump’s promises to defund the organization on Wednesday in contrast to the president’s signing of a totally unconstitutional federal animal cruelty bill. He wrote: Now, I know what the president has said when it comes to his pro-life stance, but have you paid attention to what…


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