Trump Is Really Running Against the Media, Silicon Valley, the Establishment

the Swamp, Hollywood and Maybe Joe Biden… Trump is running against himself in this election. The vote will come down to those who love him vs those who hate him. Biden is totally irrelevant and not even campaigning. Biden has no platform, no slogan, no stickers, no signs, no rallies, no followers. It’s Trump vs Trump. What Can Still Sink Trump Is Obvious: Turning His Back Completely on God, the Economy and the New World Order Plandemic, the American People Know the Truth About This Quote Unquote Virus, So Far Trump Has Played Into the Hands of Those Bad Actors. America’s Problem: Godless Men Who Are in Charge. Add Protests and Violence in the Streets, This Could Really Be an Issue Going Forward, If We Look at the Problem Cities in This Country Its Democratic Strongholds That Instigated Violence in…


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