Watchman See This Become Main Stream: The Most Godless Nation on Earth Satan Soldiers, a.k.a. British Doctors, Are Attempting to Evacuate a Very Ill Female Patient, Age 19, From Intensive Care in Defiance of Her Worries and Those of Her Parents. The Woman Who Has Only Been Given the Label “St” Is Conscious and Talkative, in Contrast to Most of These Cases

Watchman Watch as this gains popularity: Ungodly doctor, however, the evil and worthless are all to be tossed away like thorns since they cannot be taken by hand; nasty, bad, godless, wicked, and beleial persons HNewsWire: British doctors are seeking to take a 19-year-old critically ill female patient off the intensive care despite her objections and those of her parents. Unlike most such cases, the woman known only as “ST” is conscious and communicative. Yet, the doctors argue that she is not being realistic about her chances of survival from a rare disorder. Now a British court has agreed and ordered that she can be placed on end-of-life care against her will. ST is suffering from a rare genetic mitochondrial disease that is progressively degenerative. The case has similarities to that of Charlie Gard, an infant who was removed from life support……...

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