Watchman Warning: Ukrainian Nazis Tortured Women in Mariupol Those of You Who Think Putin Is a Monster Should Look on the Other Side of the Border. Ukraine Is a Nazi Haven, and Those (Nazis) Are Brutal (Photos, Video, 18+ Only)

HNewsWire: Ukraine is Europe’s most corrupt nation. Igor Kolomoisky, a prominent Ukrainian oligarch located in Switzerland, is Zelensky’s puppet. Kolomoisky was the owner of the television station that aired the serial “Servant of the People.” Zelensky was cast as the show’s main character, a schoolteacher who spoke out against corruption and went on to become Ukraine’s president. The presentation was about becoming a member of the European Union and NATO. It was a type of fairy tale offered to Ukrainians. By the year 2049, Kyiv/Kiev has become a prosperous, modern European metropolis in the drama. Kolomoisky founded the “Servant of the People” party in 2018. Zelensky campaigned as its presidential candidate and was elected in 2019. After Kolomoisky’s puppet Zelensky was elected president of Ukraine, he appointed a slew of Jewish cronies in positions of authority in Zelensky’s government. Furthermore,…


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