StevieRay Hansen–They’ll Never Take Jesus Out Of My Heart–I Have a Message for Those Ungodly Elitist/Satan’s Soldiers: You Will Never Be Able to Take Jesus Out of My Heart Because I Will Never Accept One of Your Operating Systems 666 as a Health Benefit. You’re a Walking Piece of Evil Garbage

They’ll Never Take Jesus Out Of My Heart–StevieRay Hansen HNewsWire: SRH: mRNA is the beast’s signature. They have used it to seal humans, and now also animals? Life is the objective. Existence in all its forms Permanently replacing the DNA of God’s life on earth with the demonic-altered DNA.   What Is the Real Target of the COVID-19 Vaccines That Were Rashly Put Into Production and Forced on Us? Pharmakeia, the “God Gene,” and Removing One’s Need for God—Modern Science,Bill KILL’EM Gates Is Obsessed With Finding a Gene That Controls Our Worship of God… HNewsWire: PHARMAKEIA, THE ‘GOD GENE,’ AND JUST WHAT IS THE REAL TARGET OF THE COVID-19 VACCINES THAT WERE FORCED ON US?They arrived at a conclusion after studying 2,000 subjects (1,000 religious, 1,000 non-religious) and measuring gene expressions related to an individual’s religious leanings. They discovered a…


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The Watchman Says These Ungodly Atheists Should Be Enraged Because Our Kids Deserve Bibles and God in Their Lives, and the True Believers Will Make Sure of That—Atheists Can Go to Hell Or I Should Say Will Go To Hell!

HNewsWire: According to the San Antonio Express-News, nearly 100 people gathered outside city hall to voice their concerns and objections. However, the majority did not attend the meeting. According to, members of Satanic temples do not worship Satan but rather follow seven rules about compassion, freedom, and other such things.In San Marcos, Texas, an acolyte of Satan delivered the “invocation” at the start of a city council meeting, demanding freedom from “arcane doctrines” and proclaiming “Hail Satan.”According to Citizens Defending Freedom, a grassroots organization, Lanzifer Eligos Longinus, who describes himself as a satanist, was allowed to speak to the San Marcos council in Hays County. On the other hand,A story about a debate over prayer and the Holy Bible comes from Prescott, Arkansas. In the cafeteria, preschoolers were seen praying over their food with teachers.In addition, fifth and sixth……...

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