The United States Constitution Has Been Shredded by Satan Soldiers of the Biden/Harris Administration—The Destruction of America Is Almost Complete—Biden Open the Border on May 23, Hell On Earth Has Begun, “Lawless”

HNewsWire-The United States Constitution has been destroyed by Satan Soldier Biden/Harris Administration, bringing America’s downfall to a close. Biden to Open the Border on May 23 On May 23, Biden’s deputies will dismantle the Title 42 barrier at the southern border, permitting a massive influx of low-wage, high-rent migrants into America’s labor and housing sectors. “We are boosting our ability to handle new arrivals and examine asylum petitions,” said Alejandro Mayorkas, the director of Biden’s Department of Homeland Security, who is attempting to create a parallel immigration system to the one set up by Congress. The official declaration suggests that the president’s deputies will not obstruct the border-opening plan. Mayorkas and his associates argue that without the Title 42 standards, they are obligated to let anybody at the border to apply for asylum. Because the system has been overburdened, all…


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