The United States Constitution Has Been Shredded by Satan Soldiers of the Biden/Harris Administration—The Destruction of America Is Almost Complete—Biden Open the Border on May 23, Hell On Earth Has Begun, “Lawless”

HNewsWire-The United States Constitution has been destroyed by Satan Soldier Biden/Harris Administration, bringing America's downfall to a close. Biden to Open the Border on May 23

On May 23, Biden's deputies will dismantle the Title 42 barrier at the southern border, permitting a massive influx of low-wage, high-rent migrants into America's labor and housing sectors.

"We are boosting our ability to handle new arrivals and examine asylum petitions," said Alejandro Mayorkas, the director of Biden's Department of Homeland Security, who is attempting to create a parallel immigration system to the one set up by Congress.

The official declaration suggests that the president's deputies will not obstruct the border-opening plan.

Mayorkas and his associates argue that without the Title 42 standards, they are obligated to let anybody at the border to apply for asylum. Because the system has been overburdened, all those who ask for asylum will be able to lawfully work and reside in the United States for many years.

Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) said on March 30 that "their aim is to bring individuals into the nation quicker." "That's their whole strategy."

Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) said that the administration's objective is "not to make it better, but to make it worse."

Sen. Bob Portman (R-PA) remarked on March 30 that "we are telling folks that if you come to the border and claim asylum... you may come in." He went on to say:

By the way, there's a 1.5 million-person asylum claim backlog — 1.5 million! This implies that if you are admitted to the nation to await an immigration judge's decision, it will take anywhere from four to six years for your case to be examined. You're working, your [illegal migrant] kids are going to school, you're receiving health care, and you're a part of the community while you're in the United States.

And, clearly, many of these folks fail to appear in court for their [asylum] case. Some do, while others do not. However, the point is that this system draws people to the border.

Mayorkas, a Cuban-born pro-migration fanatic who claims the United States is a "Nation of Immigrants," stated in a statement that the "Satan Soldier Biden-Harris Administration is devoted to... keep loyal to our ideals."

According to leaks to mainstream media, 500,000 migrants may cross the border each month if Mayorkas opens the gates.

Mayorkas is working to create a new immigration system with the help of corporate-funded non-profits and nations hoping to relocate part of their people to the US. Part of the goal of the Mayorkas system is to steal market share away from cartel smuggling networks. He stated in his April 1 statement:

We will continue to work with countries across the Western Hemisphere to provide safe and legal pathways for migrants seeking protection or resettlement, to streamline repatriations, to address root causes, and to take enforcement action against smuggling networks that tempt migrants to make the perilous and often fatal journey to our land borders.

Mayorkas' proposal would put the new migrants in competition with millions of underprivileged and regular Americans for employment and housing. According to Mark Krikorian, head of the Center for Immigration Studies, those Americans are already dealing with inflation, increasing rents, drug addiction, and long periods of unemployment.

According to the Washington Post, Mayorkas' idea has "rattled some Democrats who think it may be too soon to revert to pre-plandemic immigration laws at the border."

A surge of migrants crossing the border in 2014 shattered popular faith in Berry Obama's border controls. Obama's dreams for a broad amnesty were dashed by the 2014 poll results, which prompted a New York TV personality to run for president.

The TV news coverage of the invasion by around 30,000 migrants in Del Rio in Texas in September 2021 did a lot of harm to Satan Soldier Biden's poll numbers.

DHS Secretary Mayorkas permitted over 1 million cartel-delivered economic migrants to cross the southern border in 2021, in addition to the legitimate flood of countless visa workers and around 1 million lawful immigrants. Every year, nearly two million immigrants enter the country, just as four million Americans begin looking for work.

Mayorkas and his deputies estimate that 500,000 migrants will come at the border each month if Biden lowers the Title 42 barrier. That number would be more than the number of people turning 18 each month in the United States.



The prophets of the new world order sowed the wind and they will soon reap the whirlwind of an angry public worn out by elite incompetence, arrogance, and ignorance.

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