Supreme Court Protects Anti-Government Speech, Protects Right to Speak Out Against Government Injustice 

HNewsWire: WASHINGTON, DC — In a 7-2 ruling that protects anti-government speech, the U.S. Supreme Court has narrowed the scope of a federal law that makes it a crime to “encourage” illegal aliens to remain in the country. In United States v. Hansen, the Supreme Court held that the law, which prohibits encouraging or inducing illegal immigration, must be interpreted as forbidding only the intentional solicitation or facilitation of certain unlawful acts, and not as prohibiting a substantial amount of constitutionally protected speech. Attorneys for The Rutherford Institute and FIRE had filed an amicus brief warning that laws which criminalize mere encouragement of civil disobedience could chill speech essential to advocating for political and social change. For example, speech encouraging civil disobedience was a powerful tool in movements for the abolition of slavery, women’s suffrage, civil rights, and protesting government overreach in the face of COVID-19……...

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