Watchman: This Is Basic Immunology and Vaccinology and It Behooves Us as to How Inept and Stupid the Vaccine Developers and FDA Officials Are. You Can Never Ever Get Ahead of a Mutating Respiratory Virus With a Vaccine, Period!

HNewsWire: We told them the COVID bivalent boosters (BA.4/.5 sub-variant/clade) will fail, as usual, did not listen, & it DID fail & again I present 2 examples; CDC, NIH, FDA etc. scientists are idiots, morons. DR. PAUL ALEXANDER FEB 24 We have written and publicly stated this and Venden Bossche leads in this that the COVID-19 virus (basically any respiratory virus e.g. the flu) evolves and adapts way too quickly to be able to develop boosters that can handle newly emerging variants. This is basic immunology and vaccinology and it behooves us as to how inept and stupid the vaccine developers and FDA officials are. You can never EVER get ahead of a mutating respiratory virus with a vaccine, PERIOD! Especially if you are placing the target antigens under selective pressure as we have done day one with COVID virus. Such…


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