Watchman: Get Ready to Bud Light Walmart’s Latest Move – Satan Soldiers Doubling Down on Sin During Pride Month! They’re Set to Sell Sodomite Fanny Packs, but Don’t Bother Asking for Details!

By SRH, Walmart has announced the launch of a new collection celebrating Homosexual pride, featuring items such as a notebook with the phrase “beyond gender” and a tote bag with the words “tote gay.” Business analysts were taken aback by Walmart’s decision to cater to Satan Soldiers AKA Alphabet Activists. Following a nationwide boycott for selling transgender-friendly bathing suits, Target has reduced its Sin pride celebrations. Bud Light is facing challenges after selecting Dylan Mulvaney, a man who dresses as a woman, as one of their spokespeople. Both Wells Fargo and Levi Strauss have confirmed that they will not be scaling back their LGBT celebrations. In addition to adult merchandise, Walmart plans to introduce baby products, including onesies with messages like “I love my 2 moms” and “proud love.” For those interested, Walmart is also offering Homosexual fanny packs in…


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