Watchman: Former Fox Radio and Fox Nation Host Todd Starnes, “I Think That Many Conservatives Have Discovered They No Longer Have a Friend at the Fox News Corner of the World HNewsWire: The Fox News Channel has experienced a significant decline in viewership following the departure of Tucker Carlson, with a notable decrease in audience numbers. According to Todd Starnes, a former host on Fox Radio and Fox Nation, a significant number of conservatives have realized that they are no longer receiving support from the Fox News platform. By participating in this survey, you are eligible to receive our complimentary news bulletins. It is possible to choose to withdraw from participation at any point in time. The user is required to consent to our privacy policy and terms of use. On the last episode of his show on the network, Carlson accumulated a viewership of 2.65 million. As of Wednesday evening, the number of individuals watching the 8 p.m. time slot had significantly decreased to 1.33 million. During the 8……...

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