Watchman: Pushing Transgender Ideology on Kindergartners Transgender: An Evil Spirit Destroying Lives and Parents, We Live in Evil Times; Dress Appropriately So That Your Children Will Be Raised in a Godly Manner. They Have Nothing to Do With This World

HNewsWire: Have we come to the point in society where we will allow sick, sinister individuals (elected officials) to mislead our children? God makes no mistakes; the problem is, men without a heart for God… Transgender: An Evil Spirit Destroying Lives Parents, we live in evil times; dress appropriately so that your children will be raised in a godly manner. They have nothing to do with this world. This Is A Man who is obviously mentally ill, protect your children from trans gender ideology, its the highway to hell A Clark County School District principal wants kindergartners to consider whether they’re transgender. Lawmakers introduced a bill that would make animal cruelty a federal crime, previous laws don’t go far enough lawmakers say, our elected officials will protect animals but when it comes to children experimenting with their lives through transgender…


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