Watchman’s Warning: Transgender Soldiers of Klaus Schwab Proclaim Jihad Against Christian U.S. Have Faith, God Has Promised the End of Evil; After the Tribulation Period Ends, Every One of Satan’s Soldiers Will Be Killed

HNewsWire: In This Video, We’ll Show You How the Elites Planned and Executed the Nashville Shooting as a Terrorist Attack, With the Help of the Three-Letter Agencies, in Order to Strike Fear Into the Hearts of American Families and Christians and Advance Their Gun Grab Agenda. Watchman: Satan Soldier Clueless Klaus Schwab Calls For Global Health Pass Based On Implantable Microchip By StevieRay Hansen | September 4, 2023 | 1 Comment HNewsWire: Bill Gates and other globalists used MIT and other universities to develop these systems, but when the public resists this Orwellian takeover, they denounce it as a conspiracy theory – the ultimate form of gaslighting. But now, World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab called for a mandatory global health pass in the form of implantable microchips within 10 years. In a 2016 interview that’s now gaining national attention, Schwab, also the founder of the globalist Great…


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