Watchman’s Update: This Is How Satan’s Soldiers Operate: Whistleblowers Admit to Reporting Texas AG Ken Paxton to the FBI Despite the Lack of Any Evidence–Civil War May be Closer Than We Think

Bushwhacker, or the Time Ruled by Former President Bush in Texas, Is Ended. Can You Please Return to Connecticut? All Charges Against Paxton Were Dropped. HNewsWire: It’s time for charges to be filed against George Soros and other communists for their efforts to impose communism through the legal system in our nation! I pray for Texas! For their connections to corruption, the Bushwhacker family has to be looked into! Ken Paxton, the attorney general of Texas, was cleared of all 16 corruption allegations. Republicans in the House had voted to remove Paxton from office, but just two joined Democrats in the Senate. After nine days of testimony and almost eight hours of deliberation, the attorney general, who had been suspended, will be reinstated. Paxton, a strong ally of the former president Trump, was accused of firing some of his top…


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