Neither Trump nor Q Anon Deserves Credit for the Arrest of Pedophile Networks

It is apparent conservative Christians today spend more time looking for cryptic statements in Q Anon threads than reading their Bibles. Anyone with a little sense can see that Trump is working hand and glove with the zionists in Israel… If you are not familiar with the Q Anon phenomenon, let me get you caught up to speed. Supposedly for the last 4 years or so a high-level government insider with “Q” level security clearance has been making “dark-web” internet forum posts that seemingly predict Trump’s offensive maneuvers to take down the Clinton controlled deep-state entrenched in the U.S. government. Followers of Q believe that President Donald Trump is God’s chosen man, that he is waging war with the communist-controlled deep-state, has thousands of sealed indictments against government traitors, has stopped chem-trail programs, and even begun crack-downs on the pedophile…


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