... there is yet another beast system that needs to come before Antichrist comes on the scene. The 7th head of the 7 headed and 10 horned beast. The one whose head wound is healed. The one that Revelation says will "continue for a short space". We will look at who the 7 heads are. Then at the 10 horns.

The first thing that needs to happen now is the harlot that rides the current beast system of 7 heads and 10 horns must be destroyed. This will make the way for the next beast system that "continues for a short space" to come to power.

Then after this beast system that "continues for a short space" we see the Antichrist system come to power that will then rule over men. A system represented by the 7 heads and only 7 horns. Because Dan.7 tells us the Antichrist comes to power by plucking up 3 of the original 10 horns by the roots. And his system will be destroyed after 3 1/2 very bad years unlike anything the world has ever seen. Destroyed by Jesus and His saints who come with Him to establish His 1,000 year kingdom on earth at the end of the great tribulation.

John tells us that of these 7 heads there were 5 that had already fallen at the time he wrote Revelation. These are the 5 world empires that ruled the earth from the beginning of history until the 6th one that ruled during John's day. 

And John was told that "one is". Which means that the 6th of these 7 heads was the one that was ruling when he wrote Revelation. This was of course the Roman Empire. An empire beast system that has continued to rule the world through the harlot that rides the beast. A harlot that through the emperor Constantine took the reigns of the Roman Empire as the empire's strength was waning around 300 AD. Making many who called themselves Christians turn to paganism through her edicts.

But, we know they are not Christian because John said in 1John2:19 that "if they were of us they would never have gone out from us." So these represent the apostate church that Paul wrote of. Those who trust in salvation by works through their belief in the doctrine of original sin and sin nature. Apostate doctrines that have kept many from ever coming to a love for the truth. That leaves them open for the strong delusion Paul spoke of in 2Thes.2.

And John was told that there was 1 head or empire that was yet to come. And that this one would only "continue for a short space". It appears that this is the one that is coming into view now. Paul describes this kingdom in 1Thes.5:3 as one that has the world proclaiming "peace and safety".

Is it possible that the jabs that are now being given that are enriching big pharma even more will be used with 5G to control men's emotions so that they will not act out with aggression? But, will be very compliant? So that there will actually be the peace and safety Paul spoke of here? And that this is the real reason why the powers that be no matter what party they say they belong to are so insistent that everyone take the jab? 

So it appears that this could be the reason this kingdom will be a most welcomed change from that which went before it that had the woman, the harlot, the apostate church led by her mother the RCC, in control of everything. The kingdom she ruled over that is known as "mystery Babylon" because "by thy sorceries were all nations deceived. And in her was found the blood of prophets, and of saints, and of all that were slain upon the earth."

This means she deceived the whole world with her use of big pharma very much like the one we are currently dealing with that censors any speech that would reveal her pharmaceutical methods of control.

Because the word sorceries used here in Rev.18:23 is where we get our word pharmaceuticals. Pharmaceuticals that are currently being to be used not only as a form of population control, but also so that in unison with 5G soon they will achieve control over the emotions of all who have taken it. Even to the point where they will "own nothing and be happy" as Mr. Klaus Schwab of the world economic forum has said of the great reset.

Now in the midst of all of this we also see John referencing 10 horns that the beast with 7 heads has. These 10 horns John says are 10 kings that have not yet received a kingdom. But, when their agreement with the beast system results in the destruction of the harlot that once controlled it they will receive their respective kingdoms. And will rule the world.

These 10 horns have popped up again in a presentation at Patel' that spoke of the generals that are over the 10 regions of the earth. 10 generals who not too long ago made an agreement with Trump and the so called "white hats" to destroy the harlot that is riding the beast.

Trump and the white hats, who made an agreement to restore America to her former Constitutional Republic, and as a result we see that the whole world is now crying out for, made an agreement with 10 generals who would aid in his getting elected so they could expose her and destroy her. And from what I have been reading, both in the Bible and in Patel's Patriot website regarding what is known as Devolution, it appears that this is exactly what they are trying to accomplish.

Then after Trump's first term and the great cheat was performed by the deep state, but before he stepped aside, Trump appointed another general. Making 11 that have all been appointed by Trump. And are over the most critical parts of the globe and military.

Together these are doing as Rev.17 says they would. And we are seeing the harlot with her abominations of child/human trafficking and the drug trade being exposed and destroyed by the 10 generals/horns that agreed with Trump "white hats" to bring about the 7th beast system that continues a short space. If so, then after she is finally destroyed we will soon see the 10 generals/horns receive their kingdoms.

And could it be that the 11th general that was brought onboard later as the commander of the 10 is actually the little horn of Dan.7 that comes to prominence after the 7th head continues for a short space? Could he or whoever it may be that steps into his role be the one Daniel wrote of who removes by plucking up 3 of the other 10 generals/horns? Is he the "little horn"?

Could it be that people will then be like zombies controlled by the effects of the 5G frequencies on the graphene oxide in the jab? Is this why we see those like Trump and De Santis and Abbot who hate the whore pushing the jab along with their so called enemies who are controlled by the whore, Biden and the deep state? Are they indeed controlled opposition as Tim Brown and Bradlee Dean at the Sons of Liberty website reported repeatedly?

It fits so perfectly with Bible prophecy because these enemies ultimately have some of the same goals. Both want to have control of the people by issuing a mark without which no man can buy or sell. And it seems the graphene oxide's reaction to 5G may accomplish this for them. Making zombie like followers of the image of the beast. While at the same time the Trump white hats and patriots all over the world will rid the world of the scourge of the harlot with her child sacrifices and human trafficking.

The world shall see one day. But, the true church won't. Because the great thing that we are so thankful for is that God tells us through His apostle Paul's teaching that since the tribulation is for Israel, "to finish the transgression, and to make an end of sins, and to make reconciliation for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting righteousness, and to seal up the vision and prophecy, and to anoint the most Holy" (Dan.9:24), the church will be long gone when all this takes place. Only to return with Jesus when He comes at the end of the great tribulation to establish His kingdom on earth.

Because just as Jesus said when He was here on earth 2,000 years ago, He "came not but for the lost sheep of the house of Israel". He said His earthly ministry is only for Israel. And since only the first 1/2 of the final week of Daniel's 70 weeks prophecy was fulfilled when Jesus confirmed His covenant with them as Gal.3:17 says, it is during the last 1/2 of Daniel's 70th week in his prophecy when Israel will receive the one who comes in his own name, that all of the rest is accomplished for them.

And it is exciting to look into what God is doing in these final few years. As we see the "birth pains" Jesus spoke of happening just before the Lord begins to deal with Israel again in the great tribulation as Paul said He would in Rom.11:25 after "the fulness of the Gentiles has come in". The time just before He returns to set up His kingdom here on earth. As we get nearer to the great tribulation things are becoming more clear as to just how God will do all the things He told us about in His prophetic word.


This is something we who know Jesus can truly be thankful for as we celebrate this day of Thanksgiving to our God. Because it leads to the coming of our savior and the establishment of His kingdom on earth. The kingdom that is prayed for every time we repeat the Lord's Prayer saying "Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done. On earth as it is in Heaven".

So be thankful on this Thanksgiving day of remembrance. Jesus IS coming! And by the looks of things it will be sooner rather than later. Hallelujah!! So those of us who know Jesus rejoice in all that we see coming upon the earth. For we know because He told us it means He is coming soon.

But, if you do not know Him then trust in Him today.

Ask Him and He will give you eternal life. For today is the day of salvation if you will hear His voice and confess Him as Lord. And believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead. Acknowledge Jesus as Lord of your life. And you will be delivered from death to life and from the wrath of God that will soon come upon all the earth.

See you there or in the air!

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