The People WH has Been Possessed by Jill Biden Annual ‘Hunger Games’ Holiday Theme With What the Watchman Described as a ‘Bizarre’ Exhibition of ‘Total Filth.’ the Only Thing Missing Were Satan and Obama

HNewsWire: In times past, it was American leadership worldwide which provided a haven for religious freedom. Now that the U.S. has succumbed to evil it is no longer seen as a protector, but instead as an aggressor, signaling a collapse in virtue the world over. Now that we have turned our back on right and truth we have entered into a period of moral free fall. If anyone is to blame for the state of worldwide Christian persecution it is America herself due to the betrayal of its own founding principles. Christian persecution is on the rise because the pastors and leaders of America have allowed America to fall into the hands of God-haters, warmongers, and moral reprobates. I hear all the time Christians saying they welcome the tribulation as a sign of the end times and Jesus’ close return.

SRH: “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.” Proverbs 29:2 (KJB), This is not Joe Biden’s first term; it is Barack Obama’s third, and the civil war about which we warned you a decade ago has arrived. This latest indictment over the phony January 6th ‘uprising’ merely adds to the mountain of charges against Trump, which will keep him occupied for a considerable amount of time. In the interim, Biden and his criminal family continue to flout the law and remain free, as the Republican-controlled Congress is powerless to intervene. If I were Donald Trump, I would purchase bulletproof clothing for the year 2024. HNewsWire: Barack Obama in a Monday letter praised librarians who push LGBT-themed books on kids, without mentioning the sexually explicit content contained therein. Obama criticized…

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First Lady Jill Biden has continued her annual 'Hunger Games' holiday theme, with what some have called a 'bizarre' display of 'absolute garbage.'

In a video posted Wednesday, Biden had the New York-based 'Dorrance Dancers' perform their version of The Nutcracker Suite, in which grown men looking like uncaught pedophiles prance around in absurd costumes throughout the White House.

Just watch it:

Are you as creeped out as we are?

"This should've come with a sensitivity label. This is horrendous," wrote Libs of TikTok on X, while another person called it "ABSOLUTE GARBAGE."

X user "End Wokeness" points out that the Dorrance Dancers are a "radical anti-White group" which calls for "defunding the police, abolishing prisons, and even quotes Marxist terrorist Angela Davis."

Just why...

We'll give the last word to PJW:


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