Watchman: A Pro-vaccine Journalist Who Called For Punishment for Refusing a Kill Shot Has Died. Oh, Look At It! Ian Vandaelle, a 33-Year-Old Canadian Journalist Who Advocated for Kill-Shot mRNA Vaccines and Mandates, Has Died. Shocker


The untimely death of a Canadian journalist who advocated strongly for COVID-19 vaccines, including vaccination passports and firing police officers who rejected the shot, was unanticipated.

According to a post on X by his partner Stephanie Hughes, Ian Vandaelle, a 33-year-old business writer who previously worked at BNN Bloomberg and the Financial Post, was deemed brain dead and removed from life support earlier this month.

My partner, @IanVandaelle, has been in the hospital since November 18, which is why I haven't been on Twitter in a while, Ms. Hughes stated. "I must say with heavy heart that he was removed from life support this morning and declared neurologically deceased this week."

The individual seems to have been mentally incapacitated for a long time. There should be more in the future. took his conceit and what he believed to be "extensive" knowledge of virology and vaccine development to his grave. You reap what you sow.

It's not necessary for a physician to proclaim him brain dead. I have the NO sympathy for anyone who supported this crime against humanity by calling for the taking of life and deteriorating our nation.

In order to support his position on vaccines, shouldn't the partner be willing to disclose the reason of death? I refuse to rejoice over this young man's passing. I think that having different ideologies shouldn't be a justification for wanting to harm other people.
But when Trudeau passes away, I'll pay for the drinks!


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