Watchman: Biden Demands That Texas Give up Control of the Border Area by Friday. SRH: Hey, You Brain Dead Moron Tell Your Mephistopheles Buddies From Hell,( Obamanation, Soros, and Google’s Anti-America Crowd to Come and Take It. We’re Waiting!!


In a letter sent to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton on Tuesday, the Department of Homeland Security asked the state to let the federal government into Shelby Park, which is on the southern border by the Rio Grande.

"The state has said that Shelby Park is open to the public, but we don't believe this to be true," wrote Jonathan Meyer, general counsel for Homeland Security. According to what we know, Texas has only let people into Shelby Park for a monument, the media, and to use the golf course next to Shelby Park. They have not let the U.S. Border Patrol into the park. Please make it clear what kind of access the public has to Texas permits.

Meyer said that the federal government bought "permanent real estate interests" in Eagle Pass, Texas, in 2008 so that walls could be built and kept up in the Shelby Park area.

Because the Department owns the land shown on the attached map, Meyer wrote, "we demand that you immediately remove any and all obstructions on it, including the access points into Shelby Park."

It was given to Texas until Friday by the Department of Homeland Security to meet the requests of the Biden administration.

Friday was the deadline for giving Border Patrol agents entry to the border park, but Paxton told Fox News on Thursday that Texas has no plans to follow the Biden administration's order.


The Supreme Court's ruling on Tuesday was that the Justices did not tell Texas what to do or not do. This is a small difference that PBS's writers seem to have missed. Of course, AI will soon replace them. Here are two points of view that Stephen Vladeck, a law professor at UT and an expert on PBS, made about constitutional issues and Governor Abbott's statement of invasion. This will help you understand what the corporate media is trying to teach you.

As I thought they would, they are going to argue about what "invasion" means. For Professor Vladeck, it's clear:

The first is that it's clear that an invasion of refugee seekers, no matter how many we're talking about, was not what the founders meant when they used the word.

Of course. It's clear that the founders did not want an army of people looking for refuge, right? What does Black's Law Dictionary mean by "invasion"?


The professor conveniently forgot some simple rules of constitutional law. The Constitution is meant to limit the power of the central government, not the power of the states. In fact, the 10th Amendment, which isn't used very often, says that when the Constitution is silent, we respect the rights of the states; we don't look in "founding or other materials for ideas." The 10th Amendment is just one sentence:

The Constitution doesn't give the United States any powers; it only says that the States can't do certain things. Those powers are then left to the States or the people.

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