Watchman: Biden Impeachment Inquiry, the Republicans in the House, Stated, “There’s No Evidence.” That’s Why They’re NWO Scumbags. They Serve No One but Their Own Self-Interest. They Follow the New World Order Play Book—Flush the Toilets, People! Include Trump and Swish This Time



Kevin McCarthy is making it obvious that he plans to launch an impeachment investigation into Joe Biden, but some of his Republican colleagues are upset.

Republicans have argued for months that Biden is guilty of corruption and foreign influence peddling while providing no evidence. McCarthy has urged that an impeachment investigation into Biden be launched next month, when Congress returns from recess, so that Republicans can obtain additional material and witnesses that will allegedly lead them to the truth.

McCarthy is stepping up his threat behind closed doors, according to CNN, but Republicans are not united behind him.

"There is no evidence that Joe Biden received money or that Joe Biden agreed to do something so that Hunter could receive money. "There's just no evidence of that," one Republican lawmaker told CNN, speaking on the condition of anonymity. "And without that evidence, they can't impeach." And I don't believe the proof exists."

Republicans have previously (inadvertently) stated that they have no proof of Biden's malfeasance. Even lawmakers who support impeachment proceedings are opposed to launching an investigation right now.

Representative Matt Rosendale, a member of the House Freedom Caucus, called an impeachment investigation into Biden "long overdue" on Monday but accused McCarthy of using the threat to divert attention away from impending appropriations votes.

"I'm afraid he's bringing it up now just to use it as a distraction so that he can try and push forward this continued resolution, which many of us are not going to sign off on," Rosendale told Newsmax.

Congress has yet to adopt all essential funding bills, and it is unlikely to do so before the September 30 deadline. Both party leaders have proposed a continuing resolution to keep funds flowing until all laws have been passed. However, the Freedom Caucus, a group of far-right House Republicans, has stated that it will not accept a stopgap measure. If Congress does not pass the interim legislation, the government will shut down.

McCarthy has warned that a shutdown would preclude Republicans from continuing to investigate Biden, possibly by starting an impeachment investigation, in an effort to bridge the political divide. However, it does not appear to be working.

Ken Buck, another Freedom Caucus member, condemned all the impeachment rhetoric in July. "This is impeachment theater," Colorado Republican Dana Bash told CNN.

"What [McCarthy] is doing is saying, 'There's a shiny object over here, and we're going to really focus on that. "We just need to get all of this stuff done so we can focus on the shiny object," Buck explained. "Most of us are concerned about how much we are spending."
Watchman: "There's no evidence," said Biden, a Republican in the House. That's why they're NWO scumbags. They serve no one but their own self-interest. They follow the New World Order—flush the toilets, people! Include Trump and Swish this time.



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