Watchman: ‘Clean Beef’ That Is Veteran-Owned Beef Company Declares It Would Rather Close Than Allow mRNA Injections in Cattle


Watchman: EXCELLENT,,,, We need more of these small producers, not fewer. And we need the so-called government to stop lying and creating hoaxes about climate change and viruses.

"He stated that efforts to control carbon emissions by restricting the global food supply chain have nothing to do with environmental protection. "Changing the way you think about what happiness is, what you deserve, what freedom means to humans, and what human health means has everything to do with it." How long will it take for the general public to realize or accept this unfortunate truth? Will there still be time?

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This is becoming a global conspiracy, which is frightening. You in the United States do not have a federal agency protecting our food supply because the Biden administration is a part of it. When you go grocery shopping, you must carefully read the labels to determine what the products contain. And if this becomes a problem, the FDA will no longer require the listing of ingredients. I doubt that injecting mRNA into meat is even necessary at this point. I thank God that we still have someone like Mr. Nelson in America because, thanks to the Biden Administration, he is our only defense against the insanity the Democrats have brought to America.

Jason Nelson, the Waco, Texas-based president and CEO of Whole Cows, has no problem with a global war against the cattle industry. "I would say there is a war not only against beef, but also against the health of Americans," he said.

As a physically disabled, highly decorated combat veteran who served in two branches of the U.S. military, Mr. Nelson sees the war that globalists are waging in the name of combating climate change.

He stated that the objective of convincing people to consume lab-grown beef and insects instead of red meat in order to reduce their carbon footprint is no longer a conspiracy theory. These items are in your grocery store, Mr. Nelson stated.

Now, state legislatures are pushing to allow companies to vaccinate beef cattle with mRNA vaccines against disease.

At least five states have introduced bills opposing the use of mRNA in livestock and other consumer goods.

A Question of Principle

Mr. Nelson rejects mRNA technology in both theory and practice for beef cattle.

He has vowed to close his business if even a trace of these pharmaceuticals is found in any of his products.

"The beef industry is under attack from multiple directions," Mr. Nelson stated. "It's a hoax for them to claim, all of a sudden, that cows are the ones destroying the environment, and not other animals.

They appear to believe that this is the solution to whatever fictitious climate crisis they have created.

Mr. Nelson, 44, co-founded Whole Cows with his brother Ben Riley, also a highly decorated veteran, and a third business partner, J.D. Rucker, more than a year ago, motivated by his desire to ensure a clean beef supply uncontaminated by Big Pharma.

Mr. Nelson stated that he has long questioned the safety and efficacy of human mRNA technology.

This is why he left the military after a lengthy career in the Marines and Army, working in psychological operations for the latter branch when the COVID-19 vaccine rollout began in 2021.

Mr. Nelson resigned from the Army before the federal vaccine mandate went into effect on January 31, rather than take the vaccine, knowing he would lose his retirement benefits.

Later, he ran for Congress in the Texas primary of 2022 against Pete Sessions, his Republican opponent.

No mRNA, thank you.

Mr. Nelson discovered through conversations with his customers that their primary concern is the ingredients in the nation's meat supply, specifically mRNA in beef.

French farmers block the road leading to Mont Saint Michel, France, on July 23, 2015, in hopes of receiving more government assistance to combat cheap imports and grocery chain pressure. (Photo by David Vincent/AP)

"What scares them is what is in their beef. They have no idea what is in their food. Every question we get is, 'Are you sure it doesn't have mRNA? Are you sure it doesn't have GMOs?" Mr. Nelson said:

"We anticipate the arrival of two occurrences. One is that there will be mRNA requirements for cattle. This will occur," he said.

Mr. Nelson stated that he began sourcing beef cattle with the assistance of ranchers to ensure the absence of mRNA injections nearly two years ago. Eventually, he secured contracts with cattle suppliers in Texas, as well as suppliers in other states as backups.

"I observed a great need in the agricultural sector of our community, which requires outlets, and among Americans who require healthy, wholesome food. Mr. Nelson stated to The Epoch Times that it was a no-brainer.

People require freeze-dried food for the long term.

"After analyzing the supply chain, we determined that we needed a supply lock. "We then had to secure our processors," he explained.

Ben Riley, his brother Jason Nelson, and J.D. Rucker established Whole Cows in Waco, Texas, two years ago. (Thanks to Whole Cows)

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Whole Cows operates with a small staff and a daily sales volume of over $25,000 by implementing production efficiencies.

"It is not about the money," he stated. The food supply "is where we must start circling the wagons."

"I would like for individuals to examine the freeze-dried industry. It is a method for stabilizing food prices. You want to be able to avoid daily trips to the store."

Future Market Insights projects that the global demand for freeze-dried food will increase from $28.4 billion in 2022 to nearly $55 billion by 2032, at a compound annual growth rate of 6.8 percent.

Mr. Nelson stated that freeze-dried beef is for those concerned with long-term food security during uncertain times. Freeze-dried food can be stored for up to 25 years without spoiling.

Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association special ranger Doug Hutchison, right, makes a visit to the Giddings Livestock Commission, Monday, June 22, 2015, in Giddings, Texas. Hutchison, one of 30 Special Rangers with the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association, photographs suspected stolen livestock, accesses the associations databases of livestock brands and reports of missing animals and consults with sheriffs offices. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

Doug Hutchison, special ranger for the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association, at the Giddings Livestock Commission in Giddings, Texas, on June 22, 2015. (Eric Gay/AP Image)

Whole Cows uses a sublimation machine to remove all moisture from cattle by converting the water in the meat into gas in a vacuum environment.

The procedure is designed to be swift. According to Mr. Nelson, it takes approximately 24 hours to process three cows and 600 pounds of meat from a 1,400-pound carcass.

"That's a substantial amount of meat. We accomplish this feat with only four people. The process has been simplified."

"My mission is to give people a feeling of safety. This is what I intend to do. That is all I intend to do."

Everything is completed in-house using American-made materials and supplies.

The company used to process approximately 30 pounds of chicken every two days, but now produces over 1,000 pounds due to increased demand.

All beef is hand-carved into adult portions, including sirloin, rib-eye, brisket, and chuck, and sealed in mylar bags with oxygen and moisture absorbers to ensure freshness.

Mr. Nelson stated, "We have cows that were slaughtered on Monday, cooked on Tuesday, and are currently being freeze-dried."

Growing demand for freeze-dried foods.

Initially, the company sold approximately 100 bags of freeze-dried beef per month. This quantity quickly increased to more than 200 bags per day, as demand grew "exponentially."

Mr. Nelson stated that Whole Cows is just beginning to catch up on back orders.

"I have no intention of competing with anyone. We endeavor to be the best that we can be. You can set the standard for the industry. That is satisfactory. If you can raise the bar, everyone benefits."

By donating unused cow parts to fertilizer manufacturers and other processors, there is "zero waste," according to him.

"We are making every effort to be both conservationists and efficient. Otherwise, it will become too expensive, and we won't be able to pass on the savings to those we're attempting to assist."

Mr. Nelson's special operations duties in the military included analyzing large problems, connecting the dots, and identifying trends.

As the war against carbon shuts down farms and food producers worldwide, he anticipates a further decline in the global food supply.

In order to meet its climate goals, the Irish government, for instance, has stated that it may need to cull the country's cattle population by up to 200,000 head.

"Ask the Dutch farmers [where the government is closing farms] if there is a conspiracy. Ask the farmers whose land has been purchased by China or Bill Gates," Mr. Nelson stated.

"It is not difficult to disrupt the food chain. Beef is an icon, in my opinion. It offers everything from cheese and milk to leather and beef. If you want to discuss a mascot for the food industry, the cow is it."

He stated that efforts to control carbon emissions by restricting the global food supply chain have nothing to do with environmental protection.

"It has everything to do with changing the way you think about what happiness is, what you deserve, what freedom means for humans, and what human health means."

As cattle herds dwindle in size or are injected with mRNA technology, Mr. Nelson predicts that within ten years or less, the ability to obtain natural beef will reach critical levels.

He stated that having a readily available supply of uncontaminated freeze-dried beef is a wise investment for the future.

"I will process as many cows as possible in order to provide as many Americans as possible with food security and food they value and can rely on to become stronger. In five to ten years, I believe these bags will be worth more than their weight in gold," he said.

"This is my objective. I believe God has called me to this."

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