Watchman: DC Comics’ Newest Sodomite Superhero Is a Financial Bust—Once You Go Evil, You Go Down. People Are Sick of Green Lantern Comic Book Filth


The most recent Sodomite superhero is a huge failure.

Green Lantern was given a homosexual revamp by DC Comics, but it turned out that readers weren't interested in seeing the titular character and his boyfriend engage in gay sex on every page.

And it hit the ground hard with the first edition. Merely a few transactions.

The issue was explained as follows by Bounding Into Comics: "Despite writer Tim Sheridan's entreaties for his followers to buy the sodomy-filled Alan Scott: Green Lantern comic book in order to spite Comicsgate, comic book readers chose not to purchase the book."

Tim Sheridan, a comic book writer, attacked fans, saying there are a lot of hateful and homophobic people out there.

"I'm come to make a request of you. When the book is released on Tuesday, October 24 in Washington, DC, the hatemongers and homophobes are already out in full force, trying everything to ensure that this book fails miserably.

They make it seem like they have legitimate issues with a book they haven't read yet by using code. Sheridan remarked in October of last year, "But the truth is, they just don't like that there is a queer hero in the upper ranks of the DCU."

He went added, "We have to make this book an unquestionable success in order to shut these people down." "Buying a ton of these books is the only way to show the big publishers that there is a huge market for authentic stories about LGBTQIA+ characters and that these stories are for everyone."

This is hardly the first instance of woke artists using the superhero genre to further their extreme viewpoints.

Lesbian Batgirl, bisexual Robin, homosexual Spider-Man, bisexual Spider-Man, and Clark Kent's son dressing up as gay Superman in tights have all appeared in recent years. Which, incidentally, were all financial catastrophes.

Sheridan states that his goal is to demonstrate to major publishers the size of the market for homosexual superheroes.

"And convey the message that hate, lies, and bullying must end," he remarked. Everyone is entitled to self-representation in comics. We all require allies. Additionally, this is the moment for allies to take action. We are in excess of them in number. So let's combine our strength, cast our votes with our money, and defeat these a**holes.

It appears that the LGBTQ+E for EVIL comic book community is unaware that the superheroes we love are heterosexual by nature. That's what LGBT activists constantly bring up, don't they?

Thus, the Green Lantern's light has been extinguished, confirming the proverb that goes, "Once you go woke, you go broke."




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