Watchman: Franklin Graham and Donald Trump Engage in Joint Prayer. Just a Look Back: Franklin Graham Said if Jesus Were Walking the Earth Today, He Would Take the Vaccine. Mr. Trump Owns Warp Speed, Which Killed Millions. Their Prayers Should Be About Their Own Souls

The battle we are watching is between Satan’s team A and Satan’s team B for the purpose of greater deception. By which even the elect will be deceived if it were possible. Mt.24:24

There was one person who understood how dangerous vaccines are that was in political life. It was Donald Trump, because this was a big issue during the campaign. And he made a big issue about, you know, the dangers of vaccines. So he knows.
[…] And I said to people, you know, as soon as the virus started, or as soon as they claimed there was a virus, because I think it was more than one thing going on, I said, don’t worry about Covid, worry about the injection, don’t take the injection, whatever you do. So if I knew that in March 2020, I’m sure Trump knew that. So no, $10 billion – he put in charge of Operation Warp Speed someone who was head of research at a pharmaceutical company and his expertise was on brain-machine interface.

SRH: There Are Some Journalists Who Are Quite Dishonest. Praising Trump and Ignoring the Commitments He Has Previously Broken. Warp Speed. What Is a Catastrophe That Claims Thousands of Lives? What Can I Say About These Reporters? They Are Nasty People With Two Minds. Talking Out Both Sides of Their Mouths…   HNewsWire: Update: Trump’s Operation Warp Speed: The mRNA Vaccines Have Been in Development by the US Department of Defense (DARPA) Since 2011, “Kill Shot,” the Government Has Lied, People Have Died or Been Injured, and There Has Been No Recourse By StevieRay Hansen | September 29, 2023 | 0 Comments HNewsWire: These mRNA injections were never health products; this was a military operation (not just the distribution of the vaccine); no, the Department of Defense ran OWS; HHS and FDA were a front! a military operation but…

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SRH: All Believers Should Avoid Mr. Billy Graham and His Self-Proclaimed Prophet Sister HNewsWire: Wake Up ! Christianity Today Has Started Endorsing Pastors “That Use AI for Sermons,” and the HNW Is Wondering Why. Evil: “I Used ChatGPT for Six Months to Help My Pastoral Ministry,” stated the magazine, which was founded by Billy Graham but has transformed substantially over the years. This is what worked: “Since ChatGPT became publicly accessible last year, we’ve heard reports that artificial intelligence (AI) will replace jobs and disrupt other aspects of our lives,” Yu-Li Lin explains. Individual Taiwanese churches may not be aware of such developments at this time. However, in recent months, a number of Christian intellectuals have discussed how AI could either help or replace humans in pastoral care and preaching.” “Several pastors have pointed out that AI lacks physical, emotional,…

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