Watchman: If You Believe That Your Rights Emanate From God, You Are a Christian Nationalist, and You Will Be Persecuted by the MSM and the Elitists. Gates et al. SRH: Count Me In As a Believer of Christ!


In an interview with MSNBC, Heidi Przybyla, a reporter for Politico, stated that Christian nationalists believe that their rights originate from God. Ms. Przbyla has not, it would appear, ever taken the time to read the Declaration of Independence. It is also possible that she does not believe that our Creator has bestowed upon us certain rights that cannot be taken away from us. In accordance with her description, this positions Vice President Biden as a "Christian nationalist."

In 1987, Vice President Joe Biden voiced his belief that "I believe all Americans are born with certain unalienable rights." Considering that I am a child of God, I do not believe that the Constitution is the source of my rights. Each and every one of my rights is independent of any government. None of the majority's decisions have any bearing on my rights. My rights are the result of my very being. I am entitled to select rights. The Creator of the universe has bestowed them upon me and every other citizen of the world.


Warning:Totalitarianism is the warm bath where people cut off their hands. It surrounds people with silly rules, strange beliefs, immoral tasks, and sacrifices that they have to make. It lies to its victims about the government's love, which makes them feel good. The citizen is stripped of everything he once called his own, starting with his free will and ending with the thoughts that were going through his mind. It slowly took away each person's identity until the population turned into weak, colorless copies of the dark, all-pervasive state. Humans have no purpose if they don't have the guts to act, the desire to think, the wisdom to pray, or the conscience to speak out against wrongdoing. Society loses all of its life force, creativity, faith, and fun until it sinks below the water and stops breathing.

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