Watchman the United States Has Given More Than $4.1 Billion to LGBTQE, E for Evil Transgender Programs Around the World. Our Leaders Are Working on Every Evil Plan in the Book to Destroy the Nuclear Family and the Country as a Whole

HNewsWire: Our government is worthless...

McCarthy backed every evil cause that wanted to destroy the nuclear family and bring down the country. Today we live in Sodom and Gomorrah, and you know what happened there. It will happen soon.

Polls show that 70% of Americans don't want schools to teach about sexual orientation and gender ideology, but grants make that happen anyway.

It's probably more than the GDP of several countries when you add up all the money that the states, towns, and local governments give to these crazy people. The question is how did this group of people persuade so many people that they earn this huge amount of money because they are so unique and valuable?

An analysis by the Epoch Times found that the federal government has given $4.1 billion in taxpayer money to LGBTQE projects in the US and around the world over the last three fiscal years.

The Epoch Times looked at a website for federal spending and found that from October 1, 2020, to September 30, 2023, the U.S. government gave more than 1,100 grants to LGBT-friendly projects around the world.

Projects have very different goals.

The LGBT Life Center in Norfolk, Virginia, got a $1.8 million grant from the U.S. government in 2022 to help with their plans to make a "safe space for LGBTQE E for Evil youth and adults to seek support and resources."

A plan to promote "diversity, equity, and inclusion in Serbia's workplaces and business communities by empowering LGBTQI+ people economically and giving them opportunities in Serbia" was also a good one. The U.S. government gave the Serbian political group Grupa Izadji a grant of $500,000 to pay for it.

An activist group in Armenia called Pink Human Rights Defender got $1 million from the US "to empower the LGBTQI+E for Evil community" in Armenia, which is a small country next to Turkey.

You can filter the government spending website to only show entries that have certain keywords in them. Using the keyword "LGBT" to narrow down the list of payments showed 1,181 funds, 31 loans, and nine direct payments over the last three fiscal years.

The government gave out a total of 454,821 grants in the fiscal year that finished on September 30, 2018.

Grants from the government are free money that can be used for certain things. Federal loans have low interest rates and can be paid back over a long length of time. Direct funds from the government give groups money, which they can use however they want.

When it comes to funds related to the word "LGBT," payouts of at least $1 million added up to more than $3.7 billion. A lot of smaller funds were also given to LGBT projects, but they were not looked over.

When the list was narrowed down to gifts that included the word "transgender," 574 were found. Nearly $478 million was given out in gifts that were worth at least $1 million. Along with that, the U.S. government sent out nine loans and seven direct payments that included the word "transgender."

A private researcher who asked to remain unnamed has been keeping an eye on how the federal government spends money on grants that have to do with gender ideology.

The work began after he lost his job in the oil field at the start of the COVID-19 plandemic. He said that when he did some research, he was shocked to find that the federal government didn't do much to help him and his friends, but public money went to LGBTQE activist causes.

He said, "I just couldn't believe it." "We're all getting laid off, getting exempted from all this COVID money that's getting handed out to everybody, and nobody seemed to give a [expletive]."

His new job is at an oil company that leans left, he said. His bosses probably wouldn't like how he posts about his work on social media."I could write for 20 years about just the money that's already been spent over the past three or four years," he stated.

The detective who used to work in oil posts his results on X under the name Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga) is one of the more than 12,000 people who follow the account.

"If you search for grants from the [U.S.] Department of Education with the word 'equity' in them, it'll blow your mind how much money is being spent just on equity-aligned initiatives," he stated. It's estimated that he has found about $240 million in "grants going toward equity initiatives."

The Rainbow Revolution
One finding showed that Emory University is getting a grant to keep studying "the rectal mucosal effects of cross-sex hormone therapy among U.S. and Thai transgender women," as confirmed by HNW.

The project began in 2019 and is expected to end in July 2024. The government website says that the work will be paid for by the U.S. government with almost $3.5 million.

According to the website for federal spending, the project is about "allergy and infectious diseases research." Its goal is to "assist public and private nonprofit institutions and individuals to establish, expand, and improve biomedical research and research training in infectious diseases and related areas."

Some small grants go to projects that look at even smaller parts of the population.There is a grant recipient who is looking into how alcohol affects intimate partner violence in transgender and non-binary adults.

The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) gave almost $350,000 to a project in 2023 to translate the Homosaurus, a thesaurus of LGBT words, into Spanish.These sexual terms are explained on the Homosaurus website: "anonymous sex," "aromantic porn films," "pederasts," "children's sexuality," and "gay children."

The Homosaurus has changed the words "gerontophilia," "ephebophilia," and "hebephilia," which are Greek words for sexual interest to older people, people aged 15 to 19, and kids ages 11 to 14, to "fetishes."

We tried to get in touch with the NEH about the grant but didn't hear back. Not Surprises !

On June 25, 2021, near the door to the U.S. embassy in Moscow, a rainbow flag hangs below the American flag.LGBT culture projects in the US that got money include a "digitization and access project" for LGBT radio and TV that got more than $333,000.Someone else gave $324,000 to make a map of "historical LGBTQ spaces through gay travel guides."

"To advance the human rights and social inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and intersex (LGBTQI+) people" around the world is the goal of one grant worth $1 million. The money was given to Outright Action, an American LGBT rights campaign group that works in many countries, such as Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda, Ukraine, the Philippines, Iran, and China.

They are getting another grant to pay for a "social biography of same-sex desire in postcolonial Ireland."Giving money to keep track of what helps Belarusian teenage girls from poor families with their "gender identity development"Plans for LGBT programs in schoolsThe government also gave LGBT funds to schools in the United States.

Tiffany Justice, co-founder of Moms for Liberty, doesn't like it."Grants are being used by the federal government to change the culture and climate in American public schools," Ms. Justice told The Epoch Times.

As a member of a local school board, she saw activist groups backed by the government take over schools with their own ideas, she said."Grants are given to 'community partners,' and those partners then go into the schools and work to change the way things are done" to support and teach LGBT activist ideas, she said.
Tiffany Justice, who helped start Moms for Liberty (Tiffany Justice/Moms for Liberty),

Moms for Liberty polls show that this "cultural revolution" policy by the federal government goes against the will of more than 70% of Americans, Ms. Justice said.According to a recent study by the group, more than 70% of Americans only want basic academic skills to be taught in schools. They do not want lessons on sexual orientation or gender ideology, Ms. Justice said.

Still, money keeps going to these projects.It gave $1.2 million to "LGBTQIA+ pride centers" in the San Diego Community College District. There are these centers.

Another nearly $1.6 million grant from the DOE was given to North Dakota to help with its "indigenous, LGBTQIA+, rural, and underserved school-based mental health needs."

Boston College got $1.4 million from the DOE to study "mechanisms of health promotion in diverse youth through gay-straight alliances." This grant helped get the word out about gay-straight alliance clubs in middle and high schools in Massachusetts.

The federal government thumbs its nose at the American people and continues to push this ideology into our schools," said Ms. Justice.

"They're doing it all over the world."

It's clear that the western leaders have lost their morals.
It's the only thing we sell besides money for terrorists and dishonest Ukrainian politicians (not the poor people who are just pawns).

What a bunch of lies about politics! As things stand, about 3% of people really do have transgender issues. This was the case when the topic was more reasonable. This rise in transgender people is all about politics; it has nothing to do with grassroots or natural growth. The WEF DEPLOYMENT AGENDA is at the bottom. Kids won't have kids if you make them question their gender and cut off sexual parts of their bodies. That's the point!And if you want to know how bad this problem of population loss is getting, listen to Edward Dowd and his scary numbers.

How are you going to fight back? BACK HOME. In the U.S., as in Canada, there are a lot of bad people in all levels of government. The lower levels are supporting the Biden administration and putting in place a lot of these harmful policies. Remove the WEF's agents from local and state government by voting them out. Get rid of the foundation! Also, Biden, get rid of that damaging jerk. You have strong rights as a citizen. When your ancestors wrote it, they knew what they were doing. If you want power to be spread out, this is what it means. We have the same problem in Canada, but our Constitution isn't as strong as yours, which makes things even worse.

These people have no morals.

Satan’s Soldiers Are Alive and Well, and They Have Complete Control In Our Public School Classrooms, Radical LGBTQE,E for Evil Indoctrination Centers Have Been Established, Threatening Parental Rights Full Story


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