Watchman: Satanic Temple Claims Abortion Is Part of Their Religion in Effort to Block Abortion Bans and Trans People Are Whatever They Want To Be Right? Demonic!


By suing on the grounds that abortion is against their religion, a satanic organization is persistently trying to have abortion legislation in states that support life overturned.

The nonprofit organization The Satanic Temple (TST), with its headquarters in Salem, Massachusetts, has brought failed litigation to date in Missouri, Indiana, Texas, and Idaho.

According to its website, this hasn't prevented the attention-grabbing group from plaintiff-shopping for fresh cases pertaining to religious freedom to overturn abortion prohibitions.

The group doesn't back down from a fight. It gained notoriety lately for putting up a demonic Christmas display in the Iowa Capitol that included a silver goat head adorned in blood-red robes. Until it was beheaded, the Baphomet statue was housed next to a Christmas display.

Its destruction was credited to Michael Cassidy, a former fighter pilot in the United States Navy who ran for government in Mississippi. After being accused with criminal mischief, the Christian conservative raised $120,000 as of early February to cover legal costs. Prosecutors recently said that they will be filing a felony hate crime charge against him.

TST claims that by creating an abortion ceremony, women will be exempt from state legislation. The rite was highlighted in the November issue of Cosmopolitan magazine, along with TST's recently opened abortion clinic in New Mexico.

You can trust devout worshipers of Satan to get it wrong. Firstly, the precedent set by Roe v. Wade was limited to women who had been raped. Soon after the trial, the woman in question came clean and said that she had never been raped. As a result, the verdict was overturned. Therefore, the Supreme Court was right to strike it from the records because it was a dead precedent at the time. Second, an abortion is a medical practice that a physician can authorize if it complies with the regulations. In light of this, medical professionals are free to refuse to carry out any treatment that conflicts with their moral code or personal convictions. They are not required by law to conduct abortions.

Women's rights have not been regressed because their right to choose was never limited to abortion but rather to contraception (sure, women had to get their husbands' approval to use birth control pills in the early days). Therefore, those who worship the devil want to classify their cult as having rights and assert that their ritual of baby abortion is carried out in the devil's name. Actually, all they're doing is gathering proof to support their cult's habit of performing lethal surgical procedures on humans! not to consent to it. What a group of moronasses!

Satan wants to make the throng around the throne at the end of time smaller. People who experience gender confusion, mutilation, or abortion find it difficult to build relationships and start families with members of the opposite sex. Satan is the source of fatherless children, broken families, and disintegration of families.


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