Watchman Says Bill Gates Is Unstable and Should be Lock-Up for the Sake of Humanity

By SRH, Watchman:“Well-Documented” major adverse events and an unacceptable high harm-to-reward kill shot ratio were found in the study. This is why Watchman is going to jail. The researchers demanded a “global moratorium” for this reason. The Google Group, Bill Kill’Em Gates, and W.H.O. Fauci have all committed premeditated murder! Poison us from infancy in order to make us ill and keep us ill in order to collect money. It’s awful beyond belief. Though it appears to be a political conflict, it’s actually a spiritual struggle. The investigation discovered an unacceptably high kill-shot ratio of harm to reward in addition to “well-documented” major negative events. Who’s Going to Jail, Watchman? The researchers therefore requested a “global moratorium.” The W.H.O. Fauci, Bill Kill’em Gates, and the Google Group have all intentionally killed! Following the initial trials conducted by Pfizer and Moderna,…

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Bill Gates has commended India's digital ID scheme as a transformative achievement for the nation, even though there are dissenting voices against the move towards digitalizing identities.

Gates and officials from the EU and UN use the term "digital public infrastructure" (DPI) to describe these systems, which are planned to be implemented by 2030 for digital ID and payment systems.

Aside from discussing the Gates Foundation's life-saving initiatives, Gates announced on his blog that he plans to visit India.

This suggests that India is involved in producing vaccinations, which is another area of interest for Gates. When it comes to DPI, Gates expressed his appreciation for the country's extensive biometric identity system, Aadhaar, and its ability to handle over 12 billion transactions.

The creator of Microsoft also considers agriculture a strong interest. He made sure to note that he would be visiting a place where two important aspects intersect. Even more astonishing figures: as per Gates, the government offers "real-time guidance" to 7.5 million farmers through an Odisha center that maintains a record of them.

When it comes to the ideal infrastructure, it seems like a surveillance state paradise: Authorities can monitor agricultural activities to provide guidance to farmers.

Initiatives such as DPI are being implemented in developing countries under the guidance of international financial institutions such as the World Bank.

Gates mentions that the World Bank, along with Ethiopia and Sri Lanka, is monitoring the progress of the DPI's implementation in Odisha, likely to ensure its replication.

Indian citizens are required to link their bank account numbers to their digital ID to avoid being placed on a blacklist.

Last autumn, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) initiated a campaign named "50-in-5" to support 50 countries in developing, implementing, and expanding aspects of their digital public infrastructure.

One of the projects that the Gates Foundation is involved in aims to promote the adoption of secure, inclusive, and compatible technology in various countries.

Africa was pinpointed as a particular focus for enhanced DPI development, with India being recognized as a standout example in the DPI realm during the campaign launch.

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