Watchman Says Deep State, AKA Satan Soldiers Are Making the Rounds “No One’s Got to Me. I Ain’t Scared of SH!T” NYC Trucker Boycott Leader ‘Chicago Ray’ Steps Down—Things Will Get Ugly Very Soon! Satan Soldiers Playing for Keep and Civil War Walk Another Steps Forward 

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Watchman Reports Deep State, Also Known as Satan Soldiers, Are Active No one has access to me. "I'm Not Fearful of SH!" "Chicago Ray," the leader of the NYC trucker boycott, steps down; things will soon get ugly! Satan Soldiers Playing for Keep and Civil War Walk: More Progress

Chicago Ray has resigned from leading the boycott; he is the trucker that sparked the justified rage of millions of Americans as well as his fellow truckers. Does this signify the truckers' boycott of New York City is coming to an end?

Chicago Ray was incensed over the startling $350 million fine imposed on the former president Trump in the most recent fraud case by New York Judge Engoron. But the actual source of anger for Chicago Ray, the truckers, and a great number of Americans was our legal system's corruption and the terrible tyrants who built it.

The public are aware of Chicago Ray's fate. Although he denied it, the Deep State operatives called him or slipped a note under his truck's windshield wipers saying something like, "Boycott Boy, you're going to have a bad accident before your haul is over." Or they called his cell phone and said something like, "Your family and home will be gone when you get back home if you don't end this boycott, bullshit."

When Chicago Ray posted, "I took that video down from Friday because it went viral and my grandson saw it on Tik Tok," you could practically see and hear those threats.

According to Newsweek Chicago On Monday, Ray removed his earlier post and replaced it with a new one "in which he distanced himself from the boycott calls and stressed that he was not encouraging anyone to do anything." Later on, the message was also removed, but not before the progressive MeidasTouch shared a screen grab of it with Newsweek, in which he stated, "Just to be clear... I'm no spokesperson of any movement."

Chicago was also reported by Newsweek: According to Ray, "I'm not leading, nor have I encouraged, or am I encouraging anyone to do anything other than what they were doing prior to the ruling on Friday in New York City."

Is that how trucker Chicago Ray speaks, or does it sound like someone is telling him what to say?

Chicago Ray added, "Nobody's got to me...," to his post. I'm hearing some of what drivers were saying today, based on what I heard. I'm not afraid of s—t. I was raised in Chicago. I fully support Donald Trump. Trump driving truckers are free to choose what's best for their families and professions." However, he later removed that message as well.

There had been no decrease in truck traffic as of Monday at midday, according to the Freightwaves SONAR platform, which records truckload freight tender rejections entering and leaving New York City. However, there are truckers and trucking companies that are turning down loads for the city, which I have received proof of. Food, gasoline, and other necessities will skyrocket in price for New Yorkers if those refusals account for as much as 10% of daily traffic. The Big Apple will be in chaos.

Therefore, unless the Deep State enforcers move beyond intimidating Chicago Ray and start threatening specific truckers and trucking companies—which you better believe they will try to do—the boycott is still in effect.

Truckers participating in the Freedom Convoy, who used their vehicles to block Ottawa's streets in protest of the country's COVID vaccination laws, had their bank accounts frozen by the Canadian government in 2022.

Freezing the bank accounts of truckers who choose to boycott New York City would be challenging, though, as bureaucrats and Deep State goons may find it difficult to pinpoint individual truckers who silently decline to bring loads into the city. Alternatively, the Deep State can threaten to revoke the licenses of transportation businesses and threaten them with one regulation or another.

Something is bound to happen to the crooked judges, bureaucrats, and federal and state regulators. However, they will be in a race against time to stop the mayhem in New York City. How could they actually put an end to the boycott? Could the governor of New York intervene, like the governor of Colorado did in 2021? Is it possible to convince Judge Engoron to amend his fine?

Or is it possible that we, the people—the many against the few—will finally be heard?



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