Watchman Says Our Nation Has Been Turned Over to the Reprobates. Sin Is in Control, and People Will Pay a Price for Turning Away From the Creator,Inclusion is Dangerous to the Soul



Meet the man in a dress, Space Force Lt. Col. Bree Fram. He is the Space Force's highest-ranking transgender individual. This guy talks about the LGBTQE Evil movement more than he does defending the country against foreign invaders.

According to He/She, the most important national security requirement for our country is inclusiveness. Look up.

Therefore, inclusivity is essential for national security. We use brainpower to fight now, and we will continue to do so in the future. Furthermore, you should want them all working with me and for your organizations if that brain—who is going to transform the way we battle in cyberspace and space—just so happens to be transgender. those viewpoints that come from a wide range of inhabitants.

The science of high-performing teams has been a topic of much discussion on stage. We need those viewpoints, but inclusion is really what makes diversity valuable. You can bring individuals in, but you won't benefit from diversity if they don't feel comfortable speaking up or bringing their whole self to work. Therefore, driving our organization's future success—both internally and possibly in the battlefield—is crucial for us. We can't let go of that talent that will completely change the way we conduct business, so I believe it's the same for all of you. I believe we have. He/She Mr. Bree Fram

SRH: Now you see why so many young, red-blooded American males have declined to enlist in this bizarre military performance. America, our adversaries are making fun of us.

The Reprobate has taken control of our country. Sin rules the world. ... those who turn their backs on the creator will pay a price. God Released Them to an Reprobate Mind


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