Watchman: Something Very Big Is About to Happen. Satan’s Soldiers Are About to Bring the Internet Down. So Now Dozens of U.S. Senators Have Been Given Satellite Phones for a “Disruptive Event.” People,This a Planned Event!

HNewsWire: According to sources cited by CBS News, at least fifty United States senators have been given satellite phones for use in times of crisis.Every senator was offered one of the phones as part of the Senate Sergeant at Arms' new security initiatives. Which senators actually agreed to participate in the new measure remain unknown.Senate Sergeant at Arms Karen Gibson told the Senate Appropriations Committee last month that satellite communication would "ensure a redundant and secure means of communication during a disruptive event," with the phones aiding in security during a crisis that "takes out communications" in the United States. According to a DHS advisory, satellite phones are used to "coordinate response and recovery efforts in remote areas where there are no landline or cellular telephone networks or in areas where existing networks are damaged or overloaded during a natural...

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