Watchman: The Pro-transgender Policies of Fox News Channel: “Get Woke, Go Broke”; Just Ask Bud Trans BS Light Beer”; “Their Sick Broke Corp!–Fox Has Been Shi*ing On Christian/Consecutive for Years. Turn Out The Lights The Party Is Over

HNewsWire: Fox News Channel has a pro-transgender bias that impacts its primetime and online news coverage, according to a new report. The Daily Signal’s senior reporter, Mary Margaret Olahan, spoke to former and current Fox employees about how the company has taken aggressive steps against traditional values it claims to defend on-air. After Tucker Carlson was ousted, "Fox News Tonight" producers were told by high-level executives not to bash transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney, according to a source. A former "Tucker Carlson Tonight" producer said they had to fight to use male pronouns to refer to Mulvaney, a biological male who gained attention by dressing up in women’s clothing on TikTok. Fox uses woke phrases like "gender affirming care" in stories and refers to biological males like Mulvaney and Lia Thomas as females in its digital stories. Last year, Fox drew...

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